We provide Software Security which protects from all malwares and risks.

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In order to steal information, track content, implement vulnerabilities and harm the actions of software, software systems can be targeted. Malware can cause DoS (services denial) or the system itself to crash.  Practicing effective programming strategies is the only way to escape such attacks. The use of data encryption will also help avoid easy access to the device by attackers. We provide Software Security from malware attacks and other hacker hazards and help you to avoid easy access from them.


                                 Our Firewall arrangement is the first layer  of safeguard to all the supplements

                                 We Explore Cybersecurity for aid in risk Management

                                 Our Organization are turning to zero trust Solution

                                 TCTS discover the Threat Environment & Risk that we face and Refine our security solutions.

                                 TCTS Connect the right user to the right data – Under the right Conditions

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What We Experience

Ransomware assaults, malware, unapproved network access, and numerous other progressed dangers can affect your organization. What’s more, with so numerous firewall alternatives available to help secure your business, we comprehend that disarray can exist.

With the expansion of data versatility—through workstations, USB drives and cell phones—understanding where information is made and put away to make sure about it tends to be testing, and realizing where to begin can be overwhelming.

Digital hoodlums focus on the gentlest objective, frequently attempting to abuse a solitary gadget or client. All things considered, they just must be effective once, however, your association should be secured every time. From fundamental spam and infections to cutting edge dangers like malware and taken qualifications, these dangers happen and seeing how they happen and their objectives are foremost to recognition and insurance.

IT commercialization and the quick expansion in BYOD and IoT innovation mean your organization needs simple admittance to control. A few dangers might be difficult to distinguish—like a pernicious insider or a zero-day assault—and the nervousness realizing these dangers exist can make you tired.

Fixed security financial plans, the IT ability deficiency, new digital dangers, and representative mistakes all make open doors for touchy information to be penetrated. However, with restricted assets and forceful danger the executives and security objectives, it tends to be difficult to keep up with solid degrees of security.

How We Fix

Like a channel that makes sure about the mansion, we will plan a cutting edge firewall arrangement as a first layer of safeguard to supplement your general security methodology.
We’ll assist you with guarding your association, notoriety, and your customers with the most recent in network border security.

Understanding where information hazards lie, we offer total revelation, assessment, and usage of arrangements and controls for your unstructured information to enable your business to exploit information insight while keeping it secure.

All through its lifecycle, we can help oversee, follow, and ensure your unstructured information, including messages, online media substance, and data put away in the cloud or server farm.