TCTS rapidly Support the  expanding network requirements and lay the groundwork for future technology adoption.

Network Optimization & Availability

Modern Data takes pride in its implementations, whether you choose to start from scratch or have an existing networking solution. We Controlled network services, such as network maintenance and monitoring,  and also we run heterogeneous networks while reducing complexities.


Computer Network Services and Solutions

  • Wireless
  • IPSec & SSL VPN
  • Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Routing & Switching
  • Security Appliances & Firewalls
  • WAN Optimization
  • VoIP & Unified Communications

What We Experience

There is a tremendous amount of cost & complexity associated with the existing box management paradigm that predominantly exists in almost every customer’s Wide Area Network environment. Further which is complicated by the applications shifting to the cloud which in many cases renders expensive traditional carrier architecture and sub-optimal. Why is the network so slow? why is it taking so long to bring on this new application? Questions everywhere…

With the proliferation of Mobile devices & exponential growth of IOT pervasive wireless coverage has shifted to business imperative rather than a business nicety. Whereas expectations dictate business support completely seamless mobile experience which increases both employee productivity & Customer retention. Ransomware assaults, malware, unapproved network access, and numerous other progressed dangers can affect your organization. What’s more, with so numerous firewall alternatives available to help secure your business, we comprehend that disarray can exist.

With the expansion of data versatility—through workstations, USB drives and cell phones—understanding where information is made and put away to make sure about it tends to be testing, and realizing where to begin can be overwhelming.

Digital hoodlums focus on the gentlest objective, frequently attempting to abuse a solitary gadget or client. All things considered, they just must be effective once, however, your association should be secured every time. From fundamental spam and infections to cutting edge dangers like malware and taken qualifications, these dangers happen and seeing how they happen and their objectives are foremost to recognition and insurance.

IT commercialization and the quick expansion in BYOD and IoT innovation mean your organization needs simple admittance to control. A few dangers might be difficult to distinguish—like a pernicious insider or a zero-day assault—and the nervousness realizing these dangers exist can make you tired.

Fixed security financial plans, the IT ability deficiency, new digital dangers, and representative mistakes all make open doors for touchy information to be penetrated. However, with restricted assets and forceful danger the executives and security objectives, it tends to be difficult to keep up with solid degrees of security.

How We Fix

We make an innovative approach to help companies to build WAN (Wide Area Network) such as application-based routing, high visibility, and enhanced cloud connectivity using classic routing technologies.
We also provide emerging solutions such as SD-WAN, to allow our clients to select the best carrier and premise-based solutions to meet their business requirements. 

We also make sure all our clients are provided with higher degrees of automation and assurance by providing IT increased visibility and simplicity of the network.
The result of our approach allows businesses to focus on IT departments along with automated networks meanwhile, the network itself focuses on translating that intent to policy.

The protocols that it uses to communicate, the physical arrangement of its components, how it manages traffic, and its function may further describe a computer network.

For all industry, entertainment, and research purposes, computer networks allow communication.

We assure your wireless LAN (Local Area Network) will meet both the current and future needs of your business by taking an innovative approach to ensure pervasive wireless coverage.
We’ve got you covered through enhanced visibility, simplified management, and business insight through rich context and analytics.