IT Professional Services

Skilled IT services are a very broad category covering the provision to businesses of specialized technology-related services, enabling consumers to concentrate on core business issues. Professional services in the IT domain can range from offering expert advice to hand-on tasks such as installing applications in the data center of a customer or in the cloud.


Choose the right technologies for your specific needs in areas like networking, IT Professional Services wireless, data center, cloud and collaboration.


Our engineers can provide turn-key implementaions services to help you derive maximum value from the solution.



We integrate IT resources into your business to shorten the time it takes to address challenges and see results.


We take daily IT “run” tasks off your plate so you can focus on critical business initiatives.

Through a dedicated initiative, such as cloud migration or the introduction of new hardware, professional IT services help companies resolve particular challenges. This is a one-off project, but it is also a detailed one. The scope can vary from planning and strategy to developing, implementing, introducing, training and can also include continuing potential support.

Our Network Assessment uses leading evaluation tools to recognize network problems in your current infrastructure or to determine your readiness to start building, improving or updating network infrastructure projects.The risk assessment from worksite gives an accurate understanding of the technology of IT professional services to help you identify possible security threats and encourage best principles in security. our Cloud Readiness Assessment will support and encourage you to make strategic decisions based on your specific business needs.

At Trunkcalls we cover provision of specialized technology-related services to the customers which lead them to reach the ultimate goal. We work with you to plan, develop, execute and promote your IT strategy, helping you to excel in your future projects of IT Professional Services