IT Infrastructure

We develop & manage IT infrastructure for Our Client Worldwide. Our Products employ modern-day technologies for supreme performance. Tcts provide peripherals from Epson corp, samsung, HP & Canon & Power Equipment from APC. Tcts track record in networking viz voice & Data Switching, VLAN, VPN, Fiber-Optic Transmission, TCP/IP, WAN, LAN & Communication Software.  

Renovate your Infrastructure for best Performance

The IT infrastructure service are expected to help organisations become agile, stable, service-oriented, and capable of providing end consumers with unified experiences. The cloud infrastructure describes the  needed Resources. Trunkcalls’s maintain the best and reliable enterprise IT infrastructure services and IT technology can be implemented with the cloud computing environment.

On-premises hardware requires costly maintenance, limits scalability and may be less reliable than cloud-based infrastructure. Hosted data centre’s also offer redundancy and physical security that most on-premises environments cannot match.

We partner with leading cloud infrastructure providers so that we can offer you access to best-of-breed platforms like Microsoft Azure and AWS. Using a consultative approach to cloud migration, we work with you to create a plan on a timetable that makes sense for your organization and continue to provide ongoing support for your deployment.

Cloud Advisory Service

The “as-a-Service” consumption models available—as well as the public, private and hybrid options—planning, executing, financing and supporting a cloud deployment can be extremely complex. While the benefits of the cloud are clear and well-documented, making a mistake in any of these areas can hurt both IT’s reputation and organizational objectives as a whole. 

We take a holistic view of your entire environment and assess your organization’s specific needs to help you understand if the cloud makes sense for your organization and if so, choose a cloud model that helps you achieve positive business outcomes. Then, once you deploy a solution, we work with you to monitor and optimize resource usage and allocation


Leverage a pay-as-you-go model and maintain a lean IT staff focused on innovation, not hardware maintenance.


Scale capacity up or down quickly based on organizational or customer needs.


Get the peace of mind knowing you have a robust disaster recovery plan in place—without having to manage that plan yourself.


We monitor your cloud usage to ensure you are only paying for the capacity you need.


In addition to assessing your readiness to migrate to the cloud, we will provide a complete assessment of your environment and help you make a fully informed migration decision.


Gain a better understanding of which workloads to move to the cloud, and which to leave on- premises.